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Vezuh for Lenders

EFFICIENT ACCESS TO A LARGE CUSTOMER POOL - Efficient customer acquisition. Full onboarding and quality data for risk assessment

Become A Vezuh Lender
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Lead Generation

We have businesses on our platform with equipment and resources to sell. As A Vezuh Lender, you will have access to 100s of potential new customers with wide range of asset financing needs.

Get Started

How it works

Sign Up As A Lender

Sign Up As A Lender

Select Customers Purchase Request for Verification

Approve Pre Vetted Customers

Immediately a customer submits a purchase request you would have the option of approving

Send Full Payment Directly to Vendor

Receipt Remains in Your name until Customer has completed full payment


Vezuh helps your customers buy what they want and pay at their own pace. We partner with companies of all sizes

Click this link to get started as a Merchant

  • Payment in 3 instalments
  • Lease to own

For each Vezuh transaction, customers pay based on the financing program you choose.

Vezuh pays you a minimum of 24hours after the customer makes payment.

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