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Improve cash flow, save money and scale quicker

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Improve cashflow, save money and scale quicker

With equipment leasing, Vezuh buys the asset you need and gives you to use on lease for a specific period. You will make periodic payments in return for the use of the asset. After the lease period ends, you can decide to return the asset or buy it off.

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Are You A Business Owner?

Any professional service invoice can be converted. This covers things like rent, marketing, legal fees, hiring charges, and software prices. Additionally, our product can be used to finance stock or inventories.

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How it works

Select Service You Need

Select Service You Need

Get verified

We’ll review your eligibility and verify you for a Vezuh plan once qualified.

Set up a plan

Make a minimum of 25% down payment and choose a payment plan. Maximum of two months for hire purchase and 6-12 months for Lease To Own Option

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