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Lease To Own


Enjoy the financial flexibility with Vezuh's lease-to-own options for Equipment & Tools you need to generate income

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Equipment Leasing

With equipment leasing, Vezuh buys the asset you need and gives you to use on lease for a specific period. You will make periodic payments in return for the use of the asset. After the lease period ends, you can decide to return the asset or buy it off.

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How it works

Get a Spending Limit

Get a spending Limit and customised lease pricing options unique to your needs.

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Select A Product to Lease

Select the Product you want to lease from one of our approved Merchants. Get customized lease pricing options unique to your need

Lease What You Need to Grow

Lease What You Need to Grow. Pick up your product(s) and start enjoying them as soon as you are approved


Equipment & Tools for Lease


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Supercharging the creator economy and the filmmaking community by connecting businesses, brands ,buyers , and fans to creators.

You do not need a collateral. The asset financed serves as collateral.

Pay a minimum equity contribution of 25% of the cost of asset to be acquired, whilst Vezuh will provide the balance of the cost as loan.

Are You A Creator?

Get started with financial solutions built specifically for Creators, Filmmakers, Influencers & Musicians