How It Works – Getting Products

3 Ways to Get Products from Vezuh Market ​

1) Make Full Payment - Buy Now



2) Save Small Small



Choose A Savings Plan (2 ,4 , 6 ,12 Months )

Get 5% – 15% Interest on the Money you save for Product. (For example If your Item is N100,000 Naira, you can get 10% interest while saving and end up paying N90,000. You get a N10,000 cash Reward for saving! )

Get Your Product After Full Payment Is completed
Get Your Cash Reward from Savings Interest!

3) Pay Small Small



Choose A Payment Plan. Options are 2 ,4 , 6 ,12 Months 

Submit Verification Documents and Requirements

Receive Your Product At the Midpoint of Instalment Period

Complete Installment Payment